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Legislation & Planning

Wildfire prevention is a community effort. It starts with proven FireSmart practices for land-planning and building legislation that focuses on fire safety.


When it comes to being FireSmart, education is everything. From landscaping best practices to fire-resilient building materials, learning what you can do today to protect against wildfires can save homes and lives tomorrow.

Development Considerations

Whether you’re in the design stage, building, or performing renovations, there are many ways you can help protect your home and community from wildfires.

Vegetation Management

One of the key ways to mitigate wildfire threats is to manage vegetation on properties in fire-prone areas.

Emergency Planning

It takes everyone from firefighters to government representatives to homeowners to have the best-laid plans in a worst-case scenario.


Cross training is important both for the safety of wildfire and wildland firefighters and for the effectiveness of wildfire suppression.

Interagency Cooperation

FireSmart is a shared responsibility, which means it relies on strong and lasting partnerships.

FireSmart Disciplines Overview

There are 7 building blocks to becoming FireSmart. We call these the "disciplines". Take the time to learn about each FireSmart discipline, and help protect your community and our province from wildfire.