FireSmart Coordinators

Who are FireSmart Coordinators? They're the individuals that play a key role in promoting and facilitating FireSmart activities within their local communities.

Supporting FireSmart across B.C. at the community level

The purpose of the FireSmart coordinator is to ensure that FireSmart activities are supported, developed, and implemented in accordance with Provincial guidelines as well as with the direction and policy provided by the local government, First Nation or Regional District.

FireSmart Coordinators are responsible for acting as the main point of contact within the communities they serve and linking their local area to the provincial FireSmart Program. FireSmart Coordinators coordinate public education and FireSmart activities completed through the Community Resiliency Investment funding program and organize community events such as Community Wildfire Preparedness Day, farmer’s markets, local sporting events, school presentations, tradeshows, and more to engage with the public and distribute FireSmart information.

Why contact your local FireSmart Coordinator?

  • To book a home assessment
  • To inquire about FireSmart initiatives and programs in your local area
  • To talk to a local FireSmart expert
  • To provide feedback or suggestions on local FireSmart events, activities, and initiatives
Find your Local FireSmart Coordinators
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