Local FireSmart Representatives

Consider them your local wildfire mitigation experts.

A Local FireSmart Representative (LFR) has an understanding of current wildland urban interface concepts and wildfire hazard assessments, with tools and skills to recruit and motivate volunteer community leaders. Importantly, LFRs have the mentoring abilities to work with self-organized groups of citizens as they plan and implement wildfire mitigations in their own neighbourhoods.

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LFRs at a glance

LFRs are people from all walks of life, unified by a central purpose: to mitigate the damages caused by wildfires to our neighbourhoods and communities. They're community leaders, fire professionals, and other individuals that are all helping foster FireSmart at a grassroots level.

LFRs are trained to understand the wildland fire hazard assessment process and appropriate mitigation measures available to individual or small groups of homes. Furthermore, since they live in your community, your LFR understands your area's unique relationship with FireSmart. That's why they serve as the perfect local resource to aid residents in working together to reduce wildfire risks at the neighbourhood scale. They can provide an overview of FCNRP components, step-by-step procedures for implementing the FCNRP, and examples and exercises that develop the skills required to make it work effectively in your jurisdiction. Are you looking to become a LFR? Check out our upcoming workshops, or email info@firesmartbc.ca for more details.

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Interested in becoming an LFR? Check out the prerequisite FireSmart 101 course and upcoming LFR workshops.

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FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP)

Is your neighbourhood prepared for wildfire? The FCNRP was created to help you answer this question. Contact your Local FireSmart Representative, or learn more about the FCNRP program, and which communities are currently recognized.

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