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Photography below is property of FireSmart BC. Photos should not be edited and should only be used for purposes that align with FireSmart BC values and principles. For further questions regarding use please contact

WUI Symposium

A large group of firefighters and emergency personnel taking a picture

For photography from the 2022 Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Symposium in Penticton, BC.

Port Moody Workshop

Firefighters working with hoses and equipment near a lake

For structural protection photography from the Port Moody, BC workshop.


A man wearing a plaid shirt and shorts is standing outdoors

From vegetation layout, selecting fire-resistant species, to property maintenance, landscaping is one of the central pillars of of creating a FireSmart home.

Our Partners

A man is sitting on a red ATV on a dirt road

Our partners come from all walks of life. They're unified by a single mission: to create more wildfire resilient communities.

Fire Departments

A man in a fire department uniform is standing in front of a fire truck

See the fire departments and fire officials across British Columbia playing their part in creating a FireSmart BC.