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Local FireSmart Representatives

Outreach Opportunities for FireSmart Staff and Volunteers

From community workshops to collaborative clean-up events, below are outreach opportunities for people involved in the FireSmart network.

A-Frame Signage Insert Designs

Use these designs for your A-Frame signage at your next local community event! Download the high-resolution print files below and connect with your local print shop to create the design.

FireSmart BC Community Presentation

A powerpoint presentation for use in introducing FireSmart to your community. We encourage you to personalize this template to suit your needs.

Local FireSmart Representative Den


Here are all the key resources you need to assist with the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP) applications, videos, Neighbourhood Champion workshops, and other materials to help you keep your neighbourhood FireSmart.

About the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP)

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FireSmart Canada developed the FCNRP to officially recognize neighbourhoods that have taken critical steps to reduce their vulnerabilities to wildfire. Because FireSmart is most effective when neighbours band together.