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Farm/Ranch Wildfire Preparedness — An Introduction

Producers face unique challenges from wildfire. Use the Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan guide and workbook to develop a preparedness plan that’s customized for your specific operational needs.

Bryan Reid’s Top 3 FireSmart Tips

Bryan Reid, of Timber Kings fame, shares his top 3 tips for staying FireSmart. Don't wait - get FireSmart today!

FireSmart Home Ignition Zone

Post-fire studies, experiments and models have shown that homes ignite due to the condition of the home itself and everything around it, up to 100 metres from the foundation.

IBHS Research Center Ember Storm Test Highlights

Courtesy of, this video shows highlights from the Insurance Institute for Business Home and Safety (IBHS) ember storm test.

Why FireSmart?

In British Columbia, wildfires are becoming an increasing threat. Fortunately, there is a solution that everyone can be a part of. Introducing FireSmart BC: the go-to resource for combating the problem of wildfire in BC.