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FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods in Whistler

There are 15 FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods in Whistler, BC. We take a look at how people are coming together to protect their homes and community there.

Logan Lake: A FireSmart Success Story

On August 13th Logan Lake was under an evacuation order as the town was threatened by the Tremont Creek wildfire. The collective and individual efforts made by Logan Lake to FireSmart their community helped save the town.

FireSmart BC + Art Knapp

We teamed up with Art Knapp stores in Kamloops and Prince George; enlisting our favourite FireSmart messenger, Ember, to help get the word out about FireSmart landscaping.

Tips and Tricks Webinar

This webinar was held in order to provide local governments, First Nations, Neighbourhood Champions, Fire Departments, Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee members and Local FireSmart Representatives with the tools and know-how to create their own FireSmart communication channels and materials.

The Worst Plan Is No Plan

There’s a lot you can do before an evacuation is ordered to protect your home, farmland, or ranch from wildfire.

Nicomen: A Lesson in Preparedness

On July 19, 2021 the Lytton Creek wildfire threatened the community of Nicomen. Fortunately the community was prepared.

Erin’s FireSmart Testimonial

Erin is a homeowner in Mckay Creek. Her experience with wildfire, and how she prepared her property to be wildfire-resilient, went viral on Twitter. Here, she shares her story with FireSmart BC.

Structural Fire Department Experiences with FireSmart

Larry Watkinson, Fire Chief – City of Penticton, and Dan Leighton, Retired Fire Chief – District of Logan Lake, give a talk on the structural fire department experiences with FireSmart.