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Aaron Foote FireSmart Testimonial

Aaron is the Deputy Fire Chief for Squamish Fire Rescue. Here he tells his experience with wildfire in the Upper Squamish Valley.

Greg Straiten FireSmart Testimonial

Greg Straiten talks about how taking a FireSmart approach to construction ended up saving his home.

Tony Rainbow FireSmart Testimonial

Tony Rainbow is the SLRD Board Chair and Regional Director for Squamish-Lillooet. Listen to his experience with fire in the region, and how the FireSmart actions taken by the community prevented major tragedy.

Bryan Reid’s Top 3 FireSmart Tips

Bryan Reid, of Timber Kings fame, shares his top 3 tips for staying FireSmart. Don't wait - get FireSmart today!

Timber Kings: Bryan Reid’s Story

Bryan Reid, of Timber Kings fame, lost a lot to wildfire. Here he shares his experience, as well as his top FireSmart tips.

FireSmart Home Ignition Zone

Post-fire studies, experiments and models have shown that homes ignite due to the condition of the home itself and everything around it, up to 100 metres from the foundation.

Danielle Dysserinck FireSmart Testimonial

Danielle is the Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator for District of Mackenzie - listen to her talk about how running emergency planning, workshops and the application of FireSmart keeps her community safe.

Ian Leblanc FireSmart Testimonial

Ian Leblanc is the Wildfire Project Coordinator with the District of Mackenzie - hear him talk about the need and benefits of FireSmart practices in his community.