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There’s more than one way to get FireSmart.

With the rise of global temperatures, fires have been increasing in BC every year. But with our seven tried, tested and true FireSmart disciplines, you can help mitigate wildfire threats around your home and in your community.

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Raising awareness of wildfire risks and teaching about prevention and mitigation. When it comes to being FireSmart, education is everything. From landscaping best practices to fire-resilient building materials, learning what you can do today to protect against wildfires can save homes and lives tomorrow.

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Vegetation Management

One of the key ways to mitigate wildfire threats is to manage vegetation on properties in fire-prone areas. Managing these fuels on the landscape by using the best available science is key to reducing community wildfire vulnerability.

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Emergency Planning

It takes everyone from firefighters to government representatives to homeowners to have the best-laid plans in a worst-case scenario. Encouraging emergency planning by combining local knowledge with expertise in wildfire management helps communities become better prepared in responding to and recovering from wildfires.

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There are two kinds of firefighters: wildfire and structural. Many other local resources may also be involved in managing a wildfire incident. When firefighters are cross-trained, response capabilities are improved, and communities are safer.

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Interagency Cooperation

FireSmart is a shared responsibility, which means it relies on strong and lasting partnerships. Promoting collaboration between agencies and across different levels of government will better support community wildfire preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery.

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Legislation & Planning

Wildfire prevention is a community effort. It starts with proven FireSmart practices for land-planning and building legislation that focuses on fire safety. This includes the development of policy and legislation related to: forestry management practices; integrated land use planning; compliance and enforcement programs; and legal orders.

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Development Considerations

Whether in the design stage, building, or performing renovations, there are many ways land use planning and development standards can help protect homes and communities from wildfires. Effective local government land use planning can support community wildfire resiliency and infrastructure survivability.

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Stay up to date with cutting-edge FireSmart research.

Our understanding of how wildfire travels is continously evolving. Most importantly, we’re learning better strategies on how to best prevent the damage it can cause to properties and communities.

FireSmart research

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