Farm and Ranch Wildfire Preparedness

Did someone say free workshop?

If you are local government or First Nations, and are looking to assist farmers and/or ranchers prepare for wildfire, then this applies to you. Check out a free workshop that details how farm & ranch operations are impacted by, and can prepare for, wildfire. You can even get costs associated with the workshop (travel, accomodations, meals, etc.) covered! To do so, just make sure you submit your Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) program application by October 9th.
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Resources for farms and ranches

The Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan Guide and Workbook.
Download the Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan Guide and Workbook.
Creating Your Operations Map
Learn the step-by-step process for completing an operations map, an important element of a wildfire plan.
Wildfire mitigation for the farm and ranch
Understand how wildfire can spread through a farm/ranch operation and learn simple, practical steps for mitigating this risk.