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We’re Ready, Are You?

an ember simulator

With the mild winter the province had, experts are anticipating the wildfire season to be here sooner than what we typically see and there's a need for people to understand the potential danger.

Everyday Heroes

When it comes to reducing wildfire risks to your home, everyday chores like mowing your lawn make everyday heroes.

Plant Program 2023 Supercut

If you don't know your plants, you could be planting wildfire hazards.

The Wildfire Danger Rating sign explained

In this video explainer, we explore the wildfire danger rating sign; what it means, and how it impacts you.

Secretary Rice and FireSmart BC ask BC residents to prepare for wildfire

FireSmart BC and Jennifer Rice, Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness BC, are calling on residents of British Columbia to start preparing for wildfire using simple, proven steps to mitigate the impacts of wildfire on their property and communities. Watch this video to see Jennifer Rice putting FireSmart into action.

The Worst Plan Is No Plan

There’s a lot you can do before an evacuation is ordered to protect your home, farmland, or ranch from wildfire.

We Asked The Experts

After years of devastating wildfires, we asked firefighters and experts from around the world one question: “What have we learned?” As it turns out, people who have fought these fires also saw a silver lining: the homes that survived did something different, but simple.