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In May 2017, a committee was initiated by the BC Wildfire Service to facilitate greater direction and integration of the seven FireSmart ® disciplines across the province of British Columbia based on the FireSmart Canada model. The BCFSC members consist of the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC), Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC (FCABC), Emergency Management BC (EMBC), Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) and First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of BC (FNESS).

The BCFSC will collaboratively maintain and improve the delivery of the BC FireSmart program by ensuring alignment with the seven FireSmart disciplines to better support wildfire preparedness, prevention and mitigation in BC. In meeting their purpose they will commit to aligning with FireSmart Canada, developing an annual work plan and budget and providing stakeholders and interested parties with one governing agency for FireSmart in BC.

Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia

The Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC (FCABC) represents chief fire officers across the province. The FCABC advocates for matters concerning legislation, codes and standards related to the fire service and public safety in BC. The FCABC positions itself as a trusted advisor to government, other agencies and associations, the public and other stakeholders. The FCABC also functions as a unifying force, providing opportunities and resources for our members to ensure they have the appropriate tools and support for their many roles.

There are areas where the unique capabilities of Fire Chiefs and the FCABC can accelerate improvements in community wildfire safety to meet the escalating wildfire threat, including supporting community and homeowner engagement, education and assessments, delivery and promotion of FireSmart workshops, and promotion of wildland fire cross-training and preparedness. The FCABC is committed to supporting and participating in the BC FireSmart Committee to further enhance public and responder safety.

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British Columbia Wildfire Service

The BC Wildfire Service is tasked with managing wildfires through a combination of wildfire prevention, mitigation and suppression strategies, on both Crown and private lands outside of organised areas such as local governments or regional districts. While the BC Wildfire Service is mandated to mitigate the impacts of wildfire on life and assets, particularly forests and grasslands, it gives high priority to fuel management and wildfire suppression in interface areas where communities and forests come together.

Wildfire seasons are longer, wildfires are more frequent and fire behaviour is more intense. In order to combat the change in our wildfire situation provincially, FireSmart needs to be embraced as a shared responsibility. The BC FireSmart Committee is leading the charge for FireSmart in B.C. and the BC Wildfire Service is committed to lending our support and helping the BC FireSmart Committee achieve their vision.

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Forest Enhancement Society of BC

In addition to advocating for the environmental and resource stewardship of B.C.’s forests, FESBC is tasked with preventing and mitigating the impact of wildfires, improving damaged or low-value forests, improving habitat for wildlife, supporting the use of fibre from damaged and low value forests, and treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases.

The BC FireSmart Committee is providing crucial leadership at a provincial level to help mitigate the impact of wildfire in BC Communities. This work not only aligns with FESBC purposes and the mandate we have received from the Minister but is also work that we feel passionate about. We are proud to be a part of the FireSmart Committee and see it as an example of what can be achieved when everyone works together.

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Union of BC Municipalities

The Union of BC Municipalities provides a common voice for local governments in British Columbia. UBCM’s mandate is to advocate on behalf of BC local governments and member First Nations for the development and implementation of legislation, regulation, policies and programs that support the membership’s common interests. UBCM also delivers numerous provincially and federally funded grant programs that support B.C.’s local governments.

Local governments and First Nations are on the front lines of emergency preparedness and response, for wildfire, floods and other disasters. We all have an vested interest in making our communities more resilient. Since 2004, UBCM has administered the Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative, supporting our members to plan for and take constructive action to reduce wildfire threat in and around their communities.

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Emergency Management BC

EMBC is the provincial government’s lead coordinating agency for all emergency management and business continuity activities. Under the authorities of the Emergency Program Act and guided by the British Columbia Emergency Management System, we provide executive coordination, strategic planning, and multi-agency facilitation in an increasingly complex emergency management environment. We strive to develop effective relationships through working with local authorities, First Nations, provincial ministries and auxiliary agencies, federal departments, industry, non-government organizations and volunteers to support all phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. EMBC also engages national and international partners to enhance collective emergency preparedness.

What we have seen over the past few years, with wildfire seasons are longer, wildfires are more frequent and fire behaviour being more intense affecting populated geographic areas Fire Smart is increasingly more important to help communities mitigate the effects of Wildfire. EMBC is committed to the BC Firesmart committee and lending support and helping achieve the vision that the committee has and working with communities in this effort.

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British Columbia Office of the Fire Commissioner

The Office of the Fire Commissioner is a leader in fire safety awareness and prevention in British Columbia. It has earned the trust of British Columbians by offering: Progressive advice about fire safety, Innovative recommendations about fire prevention, Collaborative communication with the fire services in the province. In addition, the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC): Advises provincial government agencies on broad fire safety issues, Is a liaison between the provincial government and the fire service providing advice on all fire safety and prevention matters, Reviews and monitors a broad scope fire safety issues throughout B.C. to ensure that consistent advice and recommendations are provided to the public to increase fire safety awareness

The OFC, as liaison with the fire services in the province, can help the BC FireSmart Committee with efforts to better prepare British Columbians for wildfires. Understanding that wildland fires can quickly spread from the forest and become interface fires, the OFC is committed to efforts that reduce the risk to people, property and communities.

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Partners in Protection Association

The non-profit Partners in Protection Association leads the development of FireSmart® resources and management of the FireSmart Canada program which is designed to empower the public and increase community resilience to wildfire across Canada. Partners in Protection promotes collaborative partnerships and solutions developed through its membership

The goal of the FireSmart Canada program is to reduce the wildfire risk to property, infrastructure and public safety in the Canadian wildland/urban interface by helping communities become fire adapted.

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First Nations' Emergency Services Society of British Columbia

FNESS works with First Nations in BC to support their communities in regards to safety of their communities through education, public awareness and training. FNESS works to support communities in 3 broad areas of wildfire prevention, structural fire and emergency management, also through resources and support from Provincial and Federal governments and agencies.

FNESS supports First Nations communities with wildfire prevention, education, training and emergency management response and planning, having a First Nations organization involved at this level through the BC FireSmart committee ensure’ s FN participation, engagement and access to resources and information in the area of wildfire prevention.

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