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FireSmart Research

Blueprint for wildland fire science in Canada

Like much of the world, Canada is experiencing more frequent, extreme, and complicated wildland fire events. Experts agree that this trend will continue. Although fires can play an important role in forest ecosystems, these enhanced events have the potential to put more lives, critical infrastructure and economies at risk.

Fire behaviour in thinned jack pine

This paper provides two case studies of FireSmart treatments in Canada's Northwest Territories and an observation of fire behaviour in thinned jack pine trees.

Forest fires and the law

This legislative study serves as a guide for national drafters based on the Fire Management Voluntary Guidelines.

Ember Characteristics Research

Understanding how embers travel is key in improving guidance for homeowners and communities. These videos provide insight in to the inner workings of wildfire embers and how they interact with wind, structures and vegetation.

FireSmart forest management: A pragmatic approach to sustainable forest management in fire-dominated ecosystems

This paper describes the concept of fire-smart forest management, discusses its need and benefits, and explores challenges to effective implementation.

Changing wildfire, changing forests

This interactive paper outlines how climate change is affecting fire regimes and vegetation in the Pacific Northwest.