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What is the FireSmart Home Partners Program?

The FireSmart Home Partners Program was designed to engage homeowners in voluntary wildfire mitigation activities by offering a professional home assessment with property-specific recommendations.

HPP is a program based on research. Want to learn more about the WUI fire science and research behind it? Visit our research page.

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Who’s behind the program?

The FireSmart Home Partners Program is a collaboration between FireSmart Canada, FireSmart BC, provincial governments, local governments, Indigenous communities, the private sector and homeowners in Canada.

Which areas in BC are currently participating?

For the full list of participating BC communities, see the Home Partners Map.

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The Home Partners Program Assessment

About the assessment

FireSmart Home Partners Property Assessments provide residents:

  • An in-depth, on-site assessment conducted by experienced fire professionals
  • An opportunity for property owners to identify mitigation actions unique to their property
  • A mitigation certification that can also be shared with local insurance providers to showcase mitigation activities and potentially increase a homeowner’s ability to maintain insurance overage. Please note: FireSmart Canada does not share the assessment or any details of the assessment with the insurance industry
  • A detailed follow up report with customized mitigation actions designed to measurably reduce the wildfire risk to your property
  • An opportunity to earn FireSmart acknowledging your mitigation achievements. The certificate is given upon successful completion of required mitigation actions and an on-site follow up inspection
  • FireSmart Home signage for your property

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