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Increase the wildfire resiliency of your property

The Beauty of FireSmart Landscaping with Brian Minter

Find out which fire-resistant plants are best suited for your area

Our fire-resistant plant tool helps British Columbians identify the species that grow best in the specific climate where they live. Finding the right plants lowers the risk of structure damage due to wildfire, and FireSmart selections can also increase sustainability, helping to conserve water and attract pollinators.

FireSmart landscaping tips & insights

There are simple steps you can take to drastically reduce your property’s risk of damage caused by wildfire. FireSmart methods have been proven to reduce the likelihood of losses, even under the most extreme fire conditions.

Your best protection from wildfire is prevention, and one of the best tools available is the FireSmart BC Landscaping Guide.

Keep grass cut below 10 cm

Grass shorter than 10 centimetres is less likely to burn intensely, reducing its ability to ignite structures. Whenever possible, you should also ensure that your lawn is well hydrated, as dry grass has a higher flammability potential.

Be aware of which plants and trees your property contains

Coniferous trees, with cones and needles, are highly flammable and should not be within 10 metres of your home. A few of these are spruce, pine, fir, and cedar. Find out more about FireSmart plants and use them to reduce your risk.

Know your property’s ignition zones

Learn the 4 priority structure ignition zones around your property. Work with your neighbours in any overlapping priority zones! Check out the structure ignition zone poster here.

Easily find FireSmart plants at a store near you

The FireSmart BC Plant Program is a simple, visual way to showcase which plants are considered more fire-resistant at the point of purchase. Find out more about the program, and check for participating stores near you.

Cultural burning and
prescribed fire

By integrating traditional Indigenous fire practices with current fire research, prescribed fire is an effective tool for promoting ecological diversity, resilient forests, and safer communities.

Past fire seasons have shown the impact that megafires have on natural landscapes and nearby communities. Introducing smaller and more frequent fires in a controlled manner can limit the size of wildfires, and help to promote healthy forest diversity. Wildfire mitigation, inside and outside reserves and other communities, is a proven way to protect homes and other structures, and the people who live and/or work in them.
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Order or download the FireSmart BC Landscaping Guide

The FireSmart BC Landscaping Guide is available for free, either as a PDF or as a physical booklet. To obtain one or more booklets, all you need to do is fill in our Resource Ordering Form.
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