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Princeton FCNRP Feature

Princeton residents and Local FireSmart Coordinator Dave Stringfellow share their journey and insights on achieving recognition from the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program.

One Island Lake Neighbourhood Feature

As a small community in northern BC, One Island Lake doesn’t have all the wildfire resources of larger cities and towns. So, as an at-risk rural area, being FireSmart has the potential to save the place they call home. Find out the steps they’re taking to get FireSmart before fire strikes.

Little Qualicum River Village Neighbourhood Feature

After a regional district study found Little Qualicum River Village had the highest wildfire risk of the entire region, the local residents banded together to become a FireSmart neighbourhood.

FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods in Whistler

There are 15 FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods in Whistler, BC. We take a look at how people are coming together to protect their homes and community there.

FireSmart Across Canada

FireSmart is truly coast to coast to coast! Although the Canadian landscape is diverse, the threat of wildfire is present across the country. Check out some great neighbourhoods in BC and beyond that are doing their part to increase their resiliency to wildfire.

Shuswap Indian Band Neighbourhood Feature

The Band's FireSmart crew members have done considerable fuel-management work at both the resident and landscape level, caring and nurturing the land to preserve its beauty for generations to come and protect their community from wildfire.

CastleRock Estates Neighbourhood Feature

CastleRock Estates is in Invermere, B.C., in the beautiful Columbia Valley. The valley is part of a natural fire-maintained ecosystem, which means fire is a necessary part of forest maintenance, according to FireSmart champion Ben Mitchell-Banks.

Rushmere Neighbourhood Feature

Rushmere thumbnail

Rushmere is a vacation community near Invermere in the South-East corner of the province and has been a model member of the Neighbourhood Recognition Program for more than six years. Watch as residents explain how they have worked together to make their homes, properties and community more resilient to wildfire.

Deer Ridge: The 100th FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhood in BC

In 2019, Deer Ridge became the 100th Recognized FireSmart Neighbourhood in British Columbia. Listen to the residents talk about what this means to them, and how this came to be.

Kerry Anderson FireSmart Testimonial

Kerry Anderson is a resident and Neighbourhood Champion of Deer Ridge, a neighbourhood in Summerland, BC. He talks about the importance FireSmart plays in his community.

Brandy Maslowski FireSmart Testimonial

Brandy is the Local FireSmart Representative for Summerland, BC. Situated in a wildfire-prone environment, she discusses the lengthening wildfire seasons there, and how residents have taken action to become FireSmart.

Brent Wisheart FireSmart Testimonial

As a resident of Deer Ridge in Summerland, BC, Brent Wisheart is part of the local committee for the FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhood Program. He talks about the region's recent increase in wildfires, and the FireSmart initiatives in his neighbourhood.

Carl Peterson FireSmart Testimonial

Carl Peterson talks about FireSmart and his home, and what his neighbourhood of Deer Ridge has done to protect themselves from wildfire.

Anarchist Mountain Community Profile

Meet Denis Thompson and his community, Anarchist Mountain, leading the way for becoming FireSmart in BC.