Will it Burn!?

Most folks don’t know how flammable their beautiful yard is. So we created a video campaign for the FireSmart Plant Program that puts the most popular plants to the test by asking, “Will it Burn!?”

Will Juniper Burn!?

Juniper may look pretty, but it lights up like a Christmas tree when exposed to fire—much faster than most. Fortunately, the FireSmart Plant Program is growing across the province, which means finding more resilient FireSmart alternatives to Juniper is easier than ever.

Will Reed Grass Burn!?

Reed grass is a very common plant around many homes, but it’s also a major wildfire hazard. Thankfully, there are prettier, safer options thanks to the Plant Tag Program at participating garden centres.

Will Emerald Cedar Burn!?

Emerald cedar is a go-to hedge around many yards, but it's also super flammable. Thankfully, there are more resilient choices out there this wildfire season at garden centres carrying the FireSmart Plant Tag.

For more information on FireSmart plants, check out our Plant Program page and find a participating garden centre near you!