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Community Resiliency Investment (CRI)

FireSmartBC Promotional Catalogue

The following items have been approved as standard FireSmart® BC promotional items. Purchasing of these items is to be done through Queen’s Printer only.

FireSmartBC Information Sheet

The FireSmartBC Information Sheet was developed to provide an overview of resources, training, and materials available.

FireSmart Assessment Work Hours Estimate Form – Rebate Program

As part of the Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) program, there is potential for homeowners to be compensated for performing FireSmart activities on residential property or homes.

FireSmartBC LFR Facilitator policy

The key to the success of the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP) are the Local FireSmart Representatives (LFR). This document outlines the requirements for FireSmartBC Facilitators.

FireSmartBC LFR Facilitator Training package

This package should be completed by a BC FireSmart Committee (BCFSC) Facilitator Trainer before a Local FireSmart Representative (LFR) can be considered an LFR Facilitator in BC. This package outlines the BCFSC LFR Train the Trainer program.

Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee Guidance

If you are part of a local government or First Nations community and are interested in ensuring that your community is supporting effective FireSmart activities that will increase your community’s resiliency to wildfire, this document will assist you in forming a Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee (CFRC).

Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee – Terms of Reference

The Community FireSmart® and Resiliency Committee (CFRC) fills a key level of collaboration and organization across B.C. It takes the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders working together to achieve wildfire resilient communities.