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Plant Program Training Video

The Fire-Resistant Plant Tool

Our goal with the FireSmart Plant Program is to not only make nice plant tags. It’s also to educate staff and customers on why these particular plants make homes more resilient to wildfire. Use our plant tool yourself and share it with your staff so they know what these pretty tags mean when customers come asking.
Use the tool

Take a crash course in FireSmart

FireSmart 101 is a great way to learn what it means to be FireSmart. Having your staff take this short course will equip them with the knowledge they need to inform customers, so property owners can make their yards beautifully resilient during wildfire season.

The landscaping tips brochure

For short and sweet tips that customers can take home, the FireSmart Landscaping Tips Brochure is a must-have in-store. Order copies here or download them yourself to hand out to shoppers.

Find fast answers about fire-resilient plants

If you have a frequently asked question about FireSmart landscaping or fire-resilient plants, we probably have the perfect answer in our FAQ. And if we don’t have one ready, ask an expert.

Home Ignition Zones: the foundation of a FireSmart home

Knowing the three home ignition zones and what can be planted in them safely is often the difference between a FireSmart home and a home at greater risk of wildfire. Download the updated poster so staff and customers can see it in-store.