Wildfire Image & Video Submission

Do you have images or videos of the fires that impacted either West Kelowna or the Shuswap regions in the Summer of 2023? If you’d like to share them with us, please use the upload system below.

Please note that these files are being gathered solely for the purpose of data collection and analysis. None of them will be used without your express permission. FireSmart BC will be undertaking comprehensive post-fire research to learn from these devastating events. As part of this research, we will capture important observations and document the lessons learned. These will inform forward-looking recommendations for several prevention and mitigation-related areas, including:

  • Designing wildfire-resilient communities.
  • Improving forest policy and practices.
  • Designing effective fuel treatments.

In short, sharing your images and videos with us will help us prepare for future wildfire seasons and help reduce the negative impacts of future fires. Click here to learn more about FireSmart research initiatives.

If you have any questions regarding this project or would like to learn more prior to submitting footage please contact us at info@firesmartbc.ca

Please note: By submitting photos/videos you are confirming that either you are the owner of the footage or have expressed consent to do so. The footage provided will be used exclusively for research and analysis purposes and public education purposes. The footage will under no circumstances be shared with third parties. This research will not look to assign blame or responsibility for losses. Data collected during this research will not affect the insurance of individual homeowners or their liability regarding wildfire. Researchers will always respect private property and community sensitivities. Submitted data will be stored securely by FPInnovations.

I am submitting image/video for the following wildfire: