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This page will be the platform to share wildfire resiliency research conducted by and in coordination with the BC FireSmart Committee, to suggest research projects and coordinate funding, as well as announce current research initiatives and results.

Our current research
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For more information on FireSmart BC research or to suggest a project or research focus area please contact the Chairs of the Standing Committee for Research at [email protected]

Current Project

WUI case-study research project

Our research currently being conducted over the 2021 wildfire season aims to deliver:

  • A better understanding of the factors leading to ignition and loss of homes and other structures
  • An improved foundation for enhanced FireSmart guidelines and FireSmart communications with the public
  • Better informed policy, legislation and development initiatives regarding FireSmart
  • A stronger foundation for future wildfire resiliency initiatives
Case study guidance

Please note:

FireSmart BC is currently engaged in a research project to study wildfire in the built environment. As part of this study there may be drones, cameras and researchers present in your community. Private data may be inadvertently collected under 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of the FireSmart principles. You may be contacted in the event that images or footage from your neighbourhood may be beneficial for public education purposes. An approval process to request permission via a consent and release form will take place before any data is shared.

For more information regarding this research project please email [email protected] or contact:

Kelsey Winter - 250 896 7484
2nd Floor - 2957 Jutland Road; PO Box 9502; STN PROV GOV, Victoria BC, V8W 9C1

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Research videos

IBHS Research Center Ember Storm Test Highlights
Understanding Wind-Blown Embers From Structural Materials and Vegetation

Who’s behind the research?

The Standing Committee of Research under the BC FireSmart Committee is tasked with providing guidance on how best to support the furthering of wildfire resiliency in BC, establishing a method for research project coordination across the province, nationally and internationally as well as with aligning research priorities with those of FireSmart Canada as well as national agencies like Canada Wildfire, CIFFC and Natural Resources Canada.

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