Wildfire Mitigation For The Farm And Ranch

Producers face unique challenges from wildfire. Use the Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan guide and workbook to develop a preparedness plan that’s customized for your specific operational needs.

Three steps to cost-effective wild home protection

Complete these 3 steps to reduce the risk of a wildfire spreading to your home. For items listed under step 3 check with your municipality about any permit requirements and the availability of subsidies. Give decks, sheds and outbuildings within 10 m of your home the same FireSmart consideration as you do your home.

FireSmart measures begin with maintenance

Canadians are urged to be mindful of both the advantages and risks of living in a country of such vast natural splendour. Notably, about 11 million people currently reside in what’s known as the wildland-urban interface (WUI), enjoying the benefits of proximity to forests and other natural features, but perhaps overlooking the perils.