Do Your Part. Get FireSmart.

As peak wildfire season approaches, it’s up to all of us to play a part in keeping our communities safe. Thankfully, your role is simple and a few household tasks are all it takes. We’re here to guide you through them.

Introducing the FireSmart BC Landscaping Hub

This hub includes an extensive list of fire-resistant plants, tips on how to create a FireSmart landscape, and information on the FireSmart BC Plant Program.

Landscaping Hub

Is your neighbourhood FireSmart?

FireSmart Canada officially recognizes over 100 neighbourhoods across BC as being prepared for the threat of wildfire. Check if your community is on the list of “FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods”.

Recognized neighbourhoods
Our Part, Your Part

Have a question?

Get in touch with your Local FireSmart Representative (LFR).

With hundreds of LFR’s all over BC, they are your go-to local resource for advice, FireSmart home/neighbourhood assessments, and more!

Three people standing in front of a house in a forested area
Plant with a FireSmart Plant tag

Find FireSmart plants at a store near you

firesmart plant program
The FireSmart BC Plant Program is a simple, visual way to showcase which plants are considered more fire-resistant at the point of purchase. Find out more about the program, and check for participating stores near you.