The homes that are prepared are the homes left standing.

Are you a homeowner?

From cleaning your roof and gutter to moving firewood, there are surprisingly easy steps you can take to make your home FireSmart.

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Looking for easy FireSmart tips? Check out 10 tips to FireSmart your home.

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The best thing about being FireSmart is how easy it is.

The homes that are prepared are the homes left standing. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take to drastically reduce your property's risk.

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Clean your roof and gutters.

And trim any branches overhanging on to your roof. Embers will look to jump on to home, so don't give them anything to catch fire on.

Move firewood and propane 10-30 metres away from your home.

Don't let fire come to your door. Keep your grass cut to below 10cm, and move anything that can be fuel for the fire a safe 10-30 meters distance from your home.

Have a wildfire evacuation plan within your household.

Don't wing it. Having a simple evacuation plan is easy to do, and makes a world of difference.

Is your neighbourhood FireSmart?

FireSmart Canada officially recognizes over 100 neighbourhoods across BC as being prepared for the threat of wildfire. Check if your community is on the list of "FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods".

Recognized Communities

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FireSmart BC Magazine

Calling all homeowners, active community members, First Nations and Local Governments: the FireSmart BC Magazine was created to keep you informed on all things FireSmart. Stay in the know with all the latest news, success stories, FireSmart tips, and more.

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Introducing: The Get FireSmart Podcast

One of our foremost goals at FireSmart BC is to find creative ways to get our message of wildfire prevention and mitigation in front of...

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Coming to a neighbourhood near you: Ember™ the FireSmart Fox

Spring is the season of new life and new beginnings, making this the perfect time to get acquainted with our new mascot, Ember the FireSmart...

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Helping agriculture in your community prepare for wildfire.

Are you local government or First Nations? Check out the free workshop: Training For BC Farm Ranch Wildfire Preparedness.

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Farm and ranch wildfire preparedness resources

Producers face unique challenges from wildfire. Learn more about how you can help prepare here.

Useful Insights:

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Moving your firewood 10-30 meters away from your house is a free FireSmart activity!


Relocating propane tanks 10 meters from your house is a free FireSmart activity!


Preparing your property for wildfire doesn’t mean you have to remove all the trees. There are many vegetation management options that can make your home resistant to wildfire.


There will undeniably be an increasing number of home losses when we consider present trends in climate change, expansion of the wildland urban interface and changes in forest fuels


MYTH:  BC Wildfire Service or the Fire Department will save my house from a wildfire.

FACT:   The Fire Department can not provide every person and home with individual protection during a major wildfire.  You are responsible for your home’s fire safety!


Simulation exercises are often the best way to cross train between agencies and ensure everyone is prepared for wildfire eventualities in the wildland urban interface.


FireSmart In The Community

I have a lot of confidence in my home now that I've done this work.

- Pat Crook, Mackenzie

It allows us to interact with the community, and set up some guidelines that can help us reduce our wildfire risk.

- Krista Minar, Merrit