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BCFSC committee members

The BCFSC consists of the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC), Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC (FCABC), Emergency Management BC (EMBC), Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of BC (FNESS), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), BC Parks, Parks Canada and Ministry of Forests - Regional Operations.

Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia

The Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC (FCABC) represents chief fire officers across the province. The FCABC advocates for matters concerning legislation, codes and standards related to the fire service and public safety in BC. The FCABC positions itself as a trusted advisor to government, other agencies and associations, the public and other stakeholders. The FCABC also functions as a unifying force, providing opportunities and resources for our members to ensure they have the appropriate tools and support for their many roles.

There are areas where the unique capabilities of Fire Chiefs and the FCABC can accelerate improvements in community wildfire safety to meet the escalating wildfire threat, including supporting community and homeowner engagement, education and assessments, delivery and promotion of FireSmart workshops, and promotion of wildland fire cross-training and preparedness. The FCABC is committed to supporting and participating in the BC FireSmart Committee to further enhance public and responder safety.

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British Columbia Wildfire Service

The BC Wildfire Service is tasked with managing wildfires through a combination of wildfire prevention, mitigation and suppression strategies, on both Crown and private lands outside of organized areas such as local governments or regional districts. While the BC Wildfire Service is mandated to mitigate the impacts of wildfire on life and assets, particularly forests and grasslands, it gives high priority to fuel management and wildfire suppression in interface areas where communities and forests come together.

Wildfire seasons are longer, wildfires are more frequent and fire behaviour is more intense. In order to combat the change in our wildfire situation provincially, FireSmart needs to be embraced as a shared responsibility. The BC FireSmart Committee is leading the charge for FireSmart in B.C. and the BC Wildfire Service is committed to lending our support and helping the BC FireSmart Committee achieve their vision.

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Forest Enhancement Society of BC

In addition to advocating for the environmental and resource stewardship of B.C.’s forests, FESBC is tasked with preventing and mitigating the impact of wildfires, improving damaged or low-value forests, improving habitat for wildlife, supporting the use of fibre from damaged and low value forests, and treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases.

The BC FireSmart Committee is providing crucial leadership at a provincial level to help mitigate the impact of wildfire in BC Communities. This work not only aligns with FESBC purposes and the mandate we have received from the Minister but is also work that we feel passionate about. We are proud to be a part of the FireSmart Committee and see it as an example of what can be achieved when everyone works together.

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Union of BC Municipalities

The Union of BC Municipalities provides a common voice for local governments in British Columbia. UBCM’s mandate is to advocate on behalf of BC local governments and member First Nations for the development and implementation of legislation, regulation, policies and programs that support the membership’s common interests. UBCM also delivers numerous provincially and federally funded grant programs that support B.C.’s local governments.

Local governments and First Nations are on the front lines of emergency preparedness and response, for wildfire, floods and other disasters. We all have an vested interest in making our communities more resilient. For nearly two decades, through the Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative and now the Community Resiliency Investment program, UBCM has administered funding programs that serve to reduce wildfire threat through forest fuel management and increase community awareness and engagement in wildfire prevention activities and FireSmart practices.

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Emergency Management BC

EMBC is the provincial government’s lead coordinating agency for all emergency management and business continuity activities. Under the authorities of the Emergency Program Act and guided by the British Columbia Emergency Management System, we provide executive coordination, strategic planning, and multi-agency facilitation in an increasingly complex emergency management environment. We strive to develop effective relationships through working with local authorities, First Nations, provincial ministries and auxiliary agencies, federal departments, industry, non-government organizations and volunteers to support all phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. EMBC also engages national and international partners to enhance collective emergency preparedness.

What we have seen over the past few years, with wildfire seasons are longer, wildfires are more frequent and fire behaviour being more intense affecting populated geographic areas Fire Smart is increasingly more important to help communities mitigate the effects of Wildfire. EMBC is committed to the BC Firesmart committee and lending support and helping achieve the vision that the committee has and working with communities in this effort.

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British Columbia Office of the Fire Commissioner

The Office of the Fire Commissioner is a leader in fire safety awareness and prevention in British Columbia. It has earned the trust of British Columbians by offering: Progressive advice about fire safety, Innovative recommendations about fire prevention, Collaborative communication with the fire services in the province. In addition, the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC): Advises provincial government agencies on broad fire safety issues, Is a liaison between the provincial government and the fire service providing advice on all fire safety and prevention matters, Reviews and monitors a broad scope fire safety issues throughout B.C. to ensure that consistent advice and recommendations are provided to the public to increase fire safety awareness

The OFC, as liaison with the fire services in the province, can help the BC FireSmart Committee with efforts to better prepare British Columbians for wildfires. Understanding that wildland fires can quickly spread from the forest and become interface fires, the OFC is committed to efforts that reduce the risk to people, property and communities.

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FireSmart Canada

FireSmart™ Canada is a program of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre. CIFFC became the owner of the FireSmart Canada brand in 2021. The history of FireSmart Canada goes back to 1990 when a committee was established to address common concerns about wildfire in the wildland urban interface, where wildlands and human development come together.

FireSmart Canada leads the development of resources and programs designed to empower the public and increase neighbourhood resilience to wildfire across Canada. Leveraging partnerships with a comprehensive network of leading wildland fire science researchers allows FireSmart Canada to develop programs and resources that are based on peer reviewed and defendable science.

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First Nations' Emergency Services Society of British Columbia

FNESS works with First Nations in BC to support their communities in regards to safety of their communities through education, public awareness and training. FNESS works to support communities in three broad areas of wildfire prevention, structural fire and emergency management, also through resources and support from Provincial and Federal governments and agencies.

FNESS supports First Nations communities with wildfire prevention, education, training and emergency management response and planning.  Having a First Nations organization involved at this level through the BC FireSmart Committee ensures First Nation participation, engagement and access to resources and information in the area of wildfire prevention.

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BC Parks

BC Parks, the third largest parks system in North America, is responsible for the designation, management and conservation of a system of ecological reserves, provincial parks, conservancies, protected areas and recreation areas located throughout the province. British Columbia’s parks and protected areas system contains nationally and internationally significant natural and cultural features and outdoor experiences. The provincial system of parks is dedicated to the protection of natural environments for the inspiration, use and enjoyment of the public. Our parks and protected areas are a public trust. As such, our mission is to protect representative and special natural places within the Province’s protected areas system for world class conservation, outdoor recreation, education and scientific study. BC Parks is committed to furthering FireSmart BC objectives and to serving British Columbians and their visitors by:

  • Protecting and managing for future generations a wide variety of outstanding park lands which represent the best natural features and diverse wilderness environments of the province.
  • Providing province-wide opportunities for a diversity of high quality and safe outdoor recreation that is compatible with protecting the natural environment.
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Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) partners with First Nations communities to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. ISCtransfers responsibility and control over lands, resources and the environment to Indigenous peoples and Northerners through land claim and self-government agreements and devolution to territorial governments. ISC also fulfills an important role in developing natural resources and protecting the environment in most First Nations communities and the territories. FireSmart builds skills in First Nations communities to prevent and prepare against wildland fires. FireSmart also leverages Indigenous knowledge of the local environment and terrain to improve emergency planning, preparation and response to wildfires. ISCs role on the BC FireSmart Committee is to represent Indigenous national interests and determine how they can best be addressed through the FireSmart BC program.

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Parks Canada

Parks Canada protects a vast network of cultural and natural heritage places that include national historic sites, national parks, national marine conservation areas and one national urban park. For decades, fire management has been an integral part of how Parks Canada protects many of these places. Parks Canada uses risk reduction programs and response planning to reduce the threat of wildfire to the public and infrastructure while maintaining the ecological health of protected ecosystems at the landscape scale. Parks Canada is proud to collaborate with the BC FireSmart Committee members to better support wildfire preparedness, prevention and mitigation. Safety is always the top priority for Parks Canada in all fire management operations. Parks Canada works with provinces, territories, Indigenous and local communities to ensure appropriate wildfire readiness and response. We believe in sharing leadership and working with partners to achieve extraordinary results.

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Ministry of Forests - Regional Operations

The Ministry of Forests - Regional Operations is responsible for the stewardship of provincial Crown land and ensures the sustainable management of forest, wildlife, water and other land-based resources. The Ministry works with Indigenous and rural communities to strengthen and diversify their economies. FireSmart principles have shown that they are effective at reducing the risk to life and property in the most extreme wildfire conditions, Regional Operations is committed to working with the BC FireSmart Committee to assist in developing activities that provide environmental, economic, cultural and social benefits to all British Columbians. This work directly contributes to the achievement of the Province’s goals of reconciliation, clean growth and a strong, sustainable economy.

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Meet the faces behind team FireSmart BC

Team FireSmart BC is the group of individuals who work day in and day out to further the BCFSC goals. They span the BC Wildfire Service, Fire Chiefs Association of BC and the Union of BC Municipalities and are your first point of contact for any questions you have about the FireSmart program.

Amanda Reynolds

FireSmart Education Officer

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Lynn Eileen

BC FireSmart Committee Coordinator

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Joel Hamilton

FireSmart Home Partners Program Provincial Coordinator

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FireSmart careers

We’re always looking for great people to work with our collaborative team across Canada. So if you’re on the lookout for a rewarding career that can have a real impact in Canadian communities, you’ve come to the right place.

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