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Why We Partner

Our mission at FireSmart BC is ambitious, and we recognize that we can’t achieve it alone. Building a wildfire-resilient province through FireSmart requires widespread participation, advocacy, and action from individuals, businesses, and government entities alike. When we collaborate, we can make a significant impact in reducing wildfire risk and protecting our communities.

Partner Profile

Below are some of the groups we typically partner with:

  • Non-Profits: Indigenous and non-Indigenous non-profit organizations, registered charities, or similar community-focused groups..
  • Insurance Companies: Indigenous and non-Indigenous private or public companies specializing in risk management or insurance products.
  • Garden Centres/Hardware Stores: Nurseries, garden centers, hardware companies, or similar home-improvement retail stores.
  • Schools/Educational Organizations: Public or private schools, Indigenous schools and organizations dedicated to youth education.
  • Tourism Companies: Indigenous and non-Indigenous tourism, hospitality, and transportation companies catering to travelers.
  • Wildfire Mitigation/Climate Change Organizations: Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups actively involved in wildfire mitigation, climate change, or related initiatives.

Please note that FireSmart BC typically does not partner with wildfire consultants, equipment providers, or political parties/groups.

If your organization aligns with our partner profile, mission and goals, we’d love to explore partnership opportunities with you. Let’s work together to create a safer and more wildfire resilient province!

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Getting Started:
Partnership Package

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Current Partners