How to apply for the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program (FCCRP)

Here are the 8 steps needed to become a FireSmart Canada Recognized Community

1. Contact a local FireSmart representative

Reach out to your Local FireSmart Representative (LFR) and inform them that your community is interested in becoming FireSmart

2. Create community representation

Have your Community Champion(s) and/or Local FireSmart Representative recruit others from your community to create a FireSmart Board. The Board can be made up of homeowners, Community Champions, fire professionals or anyone that is interested in improving the wildfire resiliency of your community.

3. Local FireSmart representative completes assessment and evaluation

A Community Wildfire Hazard Assessment Form is completed. The LFR provides an evaluation of the community’s wildfire readiness and schedules a meeting with your local FireSmart Board to present the assessment for review and acceptance by the Board.

4. Local FireSmart representative completes the FireSmart Community Assessment Report

Once the Local FireSmart Representative has completed the community assessment and evaluation, the FireSmart Community Assessment Report must be completed. The FireSmart Community Assessment report template is intended as a guide to assist Local FireSmart Representatives in the preparation of FireSmart Community Assessment Reports. The FireSmart Community Assessment Report is a resource to be used by residents for creating a FireSmart Community Plan. This plan should be developed from this information and should be implemented in a collaborative manner and updated and modified as needed.

5. Create a FireSmart community plan

Your local FireSmart Board develops a FireSmart Community Plan (a set of solutions to its Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) wildfire issues based on the LFR’s report). All members of the FireSmart Board must concur with the final plan which will eventually be presented to and approved by the FireSmart Canada Provincial/Territorial Liaison.

6. Implement solutions

Solutions from your FireSmart Community Plan should then be implemented following a schedule designed by your FireSmart Board, who will be responsible for maintaining the program into the future. Use the Volunteer and Resource Tracker to record your inaugural FireSmart event and community involvement.

7. Apply for recognition

FireSmart Canada Community Recognition status is achieved after your community submits its application form along with a completed FireSmart Community Plan and FireSmart Event documentation to your Local FireSmart Representative.  Once the LFR has signed off on the application it should be sent to the FireSmart Canada Provincial/Territorial Liaison for review and final BC approval. If you are successful in being recognized you will be sent a letter of recognition as well as a FireSmart Community sign and sticker denoting your year of approval to proudly display at the entrance to your community. Your community will also be listed on FireSmart BC’s interactive map and may be selected to be profiled provincially.

8. Renewing your recognition status yearly

Annual renewal of your recognition is completed by submitting documentation of your community’s continued participation in FireSmart to the FireSmart Canada Provincial/Territorial Liaison by using the renewal application.